Saturday, December 24, 2005

gimme a pain killa !!

Last week my mom told me that this year the rubbers are not growing very well.I have to send the money back to my mom and dad. My dad will be in Yangon in next month.

I didn't tell them I'm about to quit this job. Yeah....may be end of this month. Sometimes I just keep the things by myself,no other places to spit out the words inside.

So if I quit the job,I have to save some money to find another job within one month. Hope that everythings gonna be all right.

Yesterday I called my ex-girlfriend because I really couldn't bear the loneliness that I suffered these days. She asked me for a gift. To be honest, I didn't have any idea of a gift before she reminded me, but I don't want to hurt her feelings, so I said

"Yes,I miss you, because I can't stop myself not to miss you in X'mas""

That's bad,.. I see my mom and dad faces in the air, and a picture of me sitting with a hundred of applicants for the job interview , and a gift for my ex-girlfriend.

Yeah.... someday, things will be better.

And today I got two sms from my closed friends,I do love them.

Yesterday I got two sms too but I got a feeling that they were just spamming the X''mas greeting with the little nice feature called "sms to group".

Quite tired and sleepy because I was practicing the manga drawing last night.

I think I better stop it, coz I really needed to test out some opensoure frameworks keep popping out from nowhere.

That's a kind of lunatic since I dived into the world of java software developments. 90% java developers scare that they will be missing out some buzz words, and I am happend to be one of them.


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