Friday, December 23, 2005

Pre Merry X'mas Entry 2

This time , a greeting from my cartoon.

oh! alot of ppl in wisma ! you see, the corridor was seperated.

I will be blogging english from today onwards, I do love to write in Myanmar(My dreams of making the archives for anime database in Myanmar is slowly melted away with the hearing of news on Myanmar font the day before yesterday).

Mind you, Myanmar words are the most complicated words among the language that ever exists on earth.

If you want to make money out of fonts , you better take a glance over Myanmar fonts.No,really! If you have nothing to do rather than clicking your mouse unwillingly, please take a look at the standard commettie website to develop the unicoded-myanmar font.

If your baby was born when the day myanmar unicode range was defined, now your son is married twice.

There are a dozen of flaming wars on the copyrights of Myanmar fonts that you will never know if they didn't tell you the name. So I will quit from this madness from today onwards. If I write English so badly,I would like to say sorry, because I don't have other languages rather than English to write my blog.

Gracious !