Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pre X-Mas entry [ 1 ]

I said to myself, "don't have a feeling for her,she's yr friend"
Then I said again, "but I'm so damn isolated"
Then I said agin, "You are isolated for a reason"

She sat beside me today and shared her jokes, pains and agony. I had a chance to laugh my heart out at some points. friend.

yes, I'm ...

Sometimes I do long for a soul I can share a joke with,I do long for a soul, I could hold. I'm just a human being after all.

But when I feel that a lot of things are needed to be done in my life and the other lives I must care for, the need for another soul beside me is being washed away. Even a soul I cared once was being hurt for the other souls I must care. I was a sinner , I didn't even tell her a reason or a cause.

So I'm here writing this entry before the X-Mas is coming and the snows are falling(in the TV show that I'm watching). The coluds are fading along with the neon lights .. Merry X mas to a soul I devoted once,I love once,I hate once, it's really painful since I wish from the place that you will never know.


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