Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the installation

Yesterday my friend called me and asked me to take a look at her computer. I told her ,this kind of service will cost her about 5000 kyats in Myanmar =P. In return she cooked and treated me a lunch. That would be enought for me though.

The computer,yeah,she installed those spyware remover and that software downloading the spywares into her computer.That's one of the mistake most of the people make these days.There is no such things like "spyware removers".Can't help it though,even some giant compnies come out with these kind of sweets.

I had to format her computer and reinstall the window XP again.That's quite alot of work. After finished watching the DVD,the installation finished.And another one thing is that direct-modem connection,luring alot of worms and trojans.No other choice for that rather than rely on taskmanager since she don''t have a router.

Actually I hate those kind of installing and re-installing windows thinge.That's the most un-creative process of all time.Sitting in front of the computer and waiting for the next button appear on the screen allow you to click on it.

I left her house as soon as I finished the installation.
Quite cold these days. I had to walk faster to warm myself up.Then I send sms to my ex-girlfriend.No reply from her.May be she got a new boyfriend or is trying to delete the old archives.May be I could not able to buy a present for new year.Life goes on..


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