Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I got my mom,dad and my brother photos from Yangon. That's very touching and miss them so much. I want to talk with them. The day before yesterday, I went out and fetched my sister from her work. She seemed so plae and seemed quite stressed . The on-going projects are always stress, but it can't be helped since this is a path we took and a lane we have to walk.

Last night animesuki forum was down. My biggest entertainment was lacking the whole night of course. Now the forum is being up again, I think they seriously need some donations in this time around.The server load seemed to be severed.I tried from my workplace in this afternoon and not working.

Today the module assigned to me was nearly finished.Tomorrow I would finished it up and take another one. It damn so nice that I was just generating the configuration files instead of writing on my own. Spring MVC configuration, generated! Hibernate .hbm.xml files generated! I didn't need to touch xml while I was writing the module. How good it was ? The only thing was that depolyment time is so damn long because I always needed to run the code generator to generate the mapping files.

Oh~ my blog has aged 1000 over by now. I'm really happy that I could able to write the blog up to this age =P

ok, now I will take a rest with black cat episode 3


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