Friday, February 10, 2006

I got a new job last friday, J2EE. took one month to change a new one. I have to pay debt to my sister. What a life .... anyway starting to work from Monday,I have to cut down my entertainments for a few moment. This new job is not so relaxing like the last job,but still enjoyable. So I will refresh this random nutting blog from hibernate mode[I usually don't blog in hibernate mode].This morning the sale-girl from the nearby store smiled at me and watched my moves *-_-* geez ... she's cute.Anyway I swore that I will never do things that's gonna seriously effect my budget these days or otherwise I will go ga ga.

Saying bye bye to all the entertainment I have during these days.

PS: Add Nyi Lynn Seck blog link to my friend list. Even though I do not know him personally , I'm kind of like his writing style rather than arloo blog. I'm kind of straight forward guy so if this post seems offense to someone or some others, don't take it.