Monday, February 13, 2006

Today I started working in a new company. All the developers and project managers are friendly and I like the enviornment. It's not suffocating. Since I'm just started I just had to read the spec of the projects and was trying to catch up with the on-going project.I control myself not to serious in job most of the times. I know myself, if I flow along, then the output won't good.

They are using some of the tools I was not quite familiar.So ask ask ask. Still ok,since I have time to watch two episodes of anime and go around some forum when I get back home. Sadly I have to drop the manga translation work on the way. Can't help it though..... Life goes on.

I'm not so happy with forums these days. So I came back to my blog and rants.May be I'm too damn weak in socializing still, even though I try to improve,always sucks.

My sister, yeah , still working. I think we will move to another place after one or two months.Still quite loving the place now I'm staying. Honestly too much memories in here.


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