Saturday, March 11, 2006

book expolration

Today I went out to downtown with my sister to buy a book ordered from Yangon. The book name is a dictionary of science.Seems like the book is not so popular, the girls sitting in information counter replied that they don't have that kind of book. We went Kinokunia(Bugis), Border(Orchard) and finally we got it from Kinokunia(Orchard). I didn't expect that I would have found that book, my sister was the one who was finding enthusianstically.

I had a chance to read japanese anime magzine in Kinokunia. I didn't understand a word. But do enjoyed the pictures . Eureka7 , Shakugan no Shana and on the top of that, the latest series Momo, the girl god of the dead(Shinigami) is in that magazine too.

When I got back home, I continued my research in smarty, PHP templates. I joined the database tables in Navicat and paste the query inside the .php files then redirect to .tpl (smarty files) to show the information. That's really fun. Model-View-Controller in 10 minutes !wow! I admit that it will take me more then 15 mins to start from a scratch in java with Spring MVC.
It's not because of Spring MVC,that's because of the servlet loading and unloading times are really a waste of time in java.

Just finished watching Momo,girl god of the death.Too bad, it turned out to be one-shot series and the plot for every episode is quite predictable. If I have other better anime to watch,I will drop this series.