Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another slow day.My workmates told me to join the dinner.I refused to go with them.I just don't want to pretend smiling or listening after the office hour.If that's what the people called socializing skill,I'm bad at it and have no intention to improve on it either.

Last friday my aunty used to live with me went back to Yangon.So automatically,me and my sister went back to the lives before she came. We eat out seperately, sometimes we don't even see each other in a week.Most of the time I'm the only person in my home.Feels like I have to go back to nobody home everytime I come back from work.Sometimes I wonder what the other people like me doing after the office hour.May be there is no people like me.

Sometimes I think of myself as the person who really don't have a place to call home.When I went back to Yangon, I felt like I have nothing to do rather than keep on walking here in there inside the house.

My sister comes back today.Gotta stop blogging now.